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Brexit Services: Meeting the challenge of a post-Brexit world.

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On 29th March, 2019, the UK will leave the EU (Brexit). Even though negotiations are not going well, with the lack of progress meaning businesses should prepare for the worst-case scenario – A hard Brexit. If you have not taken any action to prepare for Brexit why not let us advise you.

The outlook for Brexit continues to spark debate, with a number of potential scenarios in the spotlight – including, a ‘hard’, ‘soft’, or indeed ‘no Brexit’. Yet, amidst this indecision businesses still have to feel assured in moving forward with investment decisions, planning supply chains, managing workforces, while meeting bank and customer expectations. However there are some things that remain certain:

  • The relationship between the UK and Poland will still be important;
  • Whatever happens, the member firms of HLB Poland are here to assist and advise; and
  • Brexit will present opportunities, as well as challenges for Poland.

How can HLB Poland help?

The planning and groundwork for Brexit is crucial and regardless of the uncertainties, exploring the different consequences should be part of your plan. HLB Poland has a network of offices across Poland who can support you navigate the intricacies of Brexit. HLB Poland can help businesses navigate this period of flux and plan for the future with expertise across a range of issues and services designed to support those operating cross-border. It is vital for your business to appreciate the risks and costs of a hard Brexit on your organisation and to develop a ‘contingency plan’.

HLB Poland Brexit services include?

Using our expertise, along with our HLB Global network we can offer the following:

Our Support:

  • Pre-Brexit Readiness Assessment;
  • Rapid Brexit Execution; and
  • Post-Brexit Guidance & Support.

Our Services include:

  • International Entity Management;
  • HR & Payroll;
  • Accounting & Tax;
  • Consultancy Solutions; and
  • Capital Market Services.

Please contact any of our HLB Poland member firms to discuss any questions this content may raise for you and your business.



Download the brochures providing general information and outlining the services that are offered by HLB member firms.

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