VAT Compliance for Online Sellers

We provide VAT compliance services for the e-commerce industry across the European Union.

Do you operate an e-commerce business, sell products online, and handle their storage or delivery within the EU?

Are you facing challenges in understanding the intricate VAT tax regulations? If so, you are not alone.

Through our business partner, amavat®, we offer a dedicated Customer Care representative and professional support from local tax advisors throughout Europe.

In terms of our VAT Compliance services, we provide:

VAT registration in the EU

Our service encompasses a comprehensive range of procedures related to obtaining a local tax identification number for VAT reporting or the termination of registration for this number.

Our VAT Compliance service stands out for: In these countries, we can assist you with registration:
Accounting and filing of VAT returns

After registering in the tax system of a specific EU country, it is necessary to regularly submit VAT declarations in accordance with the applicable local regulations. Different countries may have varying deadlines and required documents. Simply provide us with a consolidated package of transaction data, and we will handle the preparation and submission of the necessary settlement documents in the respective languages, maintaining communication with you in Polish.

OSS VAT registration

As part of the VAT OSS service, you will receive comprehensive support, including the preparation of documentation required for VAT OSS registration, consolidated VAT tax settlement in a single declaration, and supervision of the current status of tax settlements. Additionally, you will be regularly updated on the VAT amount, receive assistance in preparing VAT refund applications, and have continuous online access to your documents through the Client Portal, with the support of qualified specialists with extensive experience in international tax settlements. If you have any questions regarding this or any other services we offer, we warmly invite you to contact our experts

Declaration for VAT in any EU country after the deadline and retroactive VAT settlements

If you operate an e-commerce business in Europe and have exceeded the distance selling threshold, resulting in a failure to register for VAT within the required timeframe, and you are concerned about potential tax consequences or have already received notices of fines, we are here to assist you. We will initiate the VAT registration process retroactively in all countries where such registration was required. Additionally, we will submit all outstanding settlement declarations on your behalf along with the required documents. All you need to do is provide us with the necessary registration information and a consolidated file with transaction details for each overdue month. You can conduct all communication in Polish, and we will handle the preparation and submission of the necessary registration and settlement documents in the respective languages.

VAT in the EU for non-EU companies

We will handle all procedures related to settlements and registration within the EU VAT for companies from outside the European Union. In the absence of fiscal representation, we offer a service for establishing a company in Poland.

Update for VAT Compliance:

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E-commerce accounting

If you are utilizing Amazon FBA – VAT Compliance is essential.

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is an innovative service that allows online sellers to outsource the logistics and warehousing processes. However, with the dynamic growth of e-commerce and globalization, issues related to VAT registration and tax declarations arise. A proper approach to these aspects is crucial for maintaining compliance with tax regulations.

VAT registration:

VAT registration is necessary in the country where you conduct business utilizing the Amazon FBA service. Depending on the location of your Amazon warehouse, you may be required to register as a VAT payer. The registration process varies by country, so it is advisable to consult with a tax expert or use the services of a professional firm to ensure compliance with local regulations.

VAT declaration:

Utilizing Amazon FBA in business operations presents additional challenges related to VAT declaration. Items moving between different countries require meticulous documentation and reporting of the relevant tax amounts. We offer comprehensive support in the VAT registration process, tax declaration submissions, and adaptation to the evolving e-commerce landscape.

Our solutions for Amazon sellers:
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