Transaction Advisory

Transaction advisory includes the following comprehensive services of complex transaction processes:

  • Services related to mergers, acquisitions and restructuring of businesses;
  • Investment Projects Assessment;
  • IPO – initial public offering.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We offer our support in merger and acquisition projects, including: transaction planning expertise, transaction process assistance, post-transaction integration services.

Acquisition and disposal transactions:

  • Preliminary assessment of transaction;
  • Transaction process planning;
  • Information memorandum;
  • Transaction structuring;
  • Negotiations support;
  • Transaction closing;
  • Post-transaction assistance.

Investment Projects Assessment

Due Diligence

We offer due diligence services to those companies, who plan to acquire another entity (pre-acquisition due diligence) or have just completed a takeover transaction (post acquisition due diligence). These services are also available to businesses planning to sell assets or preparing y for sale and are designed to present the complete information to potential investors.

We offer due diligence in relation to financial information (financial due diligence) and business information (commercial due diligence).

Investment Projects Analysis

  • Expert opinions;
  • Investment project profitability analysis;
  • Business valuation;
  • Purchase price allocation;
  • Asset impairment review.

IPO (Initial Public Offering)

IPO assistance

IPO (Initial Public Offering) is a process of public listing of company’s securities. The auditor’s role in the process of preparing and approving the prospectus primarily consists in the audit of the historical financial information included in the prospectus. The audit opinion confirms whether the financial data (in the form of financial statements) for the previous 3 years are true and fair, and consistent with the most recent accounting policies and reporting standards. If additional interim accounts are presented in the prospectus or its update, the audit opinion or review report may accompany them thus increasing credibility. If the audit was performed on these accounts, the prospectus is valid longer.

Audit and review of financial information

  • Audits and reviews of the historical financial information prepared in accordance with Polish Accounting Standards and/or International Accounting Standards / International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS);
  • Reviews of forecasts and estimated financial information;
  • Review of pro-forma information;
  • Comfort letters.

IPO projects

  • Prospectus preparation advisory services;
  • Prospectus’ (IOC) reading;
  • Prospectus’ (IOC) approval support;

Financial reporting

  • Preparation of the financial sections of the prospectus
  • IFRS conversion projects
  • Advisory services regarding financial instruments and share-based motivation programs

IT systems changes

  • IT systems – implementation and audit
  • Corporate governance advisory
  • Design and implementation of the corporate risk management systems

The regulations governing reporting for IPO are often unclear, while the structure and history of the company may be complicated. In many cases therefore, the proper selection of accounts and financial data to be published in the prospectus is the main challenge where the auditor’s assistance may be of a help. It is important to ensure that the auditor has sufficient knowledge and documented IPO projects experience.

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