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Audit – the source of information about the company’s performance.

HLB Poland provide the highest quality of financial auditing services. Our services are performed in accordance with Polish Standards on Auditing and International Standards on Auditing.

We specialise in services for public interest entities, including companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, banks, and other financial institutions.

Our experience

HLB Poland audit financial statements of companies from many industry sectors, including IT, industrial manufacturing, transportation, construction, development, food and beverage, and trade.

Our clients include companies quoted on Warsaw Stock Exchange and non-public entities with balance sheet total of ca. PLN 1,000,000,000 or annual turnover over PLN 900,000,000. HLB Poland audit financial statements of companies from finance sector with balance sheet total of ca. PLN 3,000,000,000, entities operating in special economic zones and state-owned companies or foundations.

We also completed several dozen projects related to auditing restructuring plans.

Detailed scope of services:

Audit of financial statements:

  • examining individual financial statements;
  • examining consolidated financial statements;
  • auditing financial statements according to international standards;
  • auditing financial statements of financial institutions.
Statutory audit:

  • examination of draft terms of mergers;
  • examination of draft terms of demergers;
  • examination of the value of contributions;
  • examination by the auditor for special cases.

Our experts

Maciej Czapiewski

Maciej Czapiewski

Managing Partner, HLB M2



Wojciech Baucz

Wojciech Baucz

Partner, Avanta Audit



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