Changes to employee sobriety tests

We present the most important legal changes regarding employee sobriety checks. Possibility to introduce employee sobriety checks An employer may introduce sobriety checks for employees if it is necessary to ensure: the protection of the life and health of employees or other persons, the protection of property. Sobriety testing An employee sobriety test determines the

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13 March 2023

Remote working in the basic model vs. occasional remote working

As of 7 April 2023, an amendment to the Labor Code on occasional remote work comes into force, repealing the existing provisions on telework. Remote working in the basic model vs. occasional working Due to the lack of clarification of these issues in the new regulations, employers will have to decide how to apply occasional

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2 March 2023

Changes in labour law at EU level

Changes in labour law EU legislators are constantly working on bringing the working and pay conditions in the Member States in compliance with each other as much as possible. A directive on gender balance on company boards was published in December 2022. In addition, further work is underway on a proposal to close the gender

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1 February 2023

Changes in Polish labour law 2023

  Minimum wage The minimum wage will increase twice in 2023. From 1 January 2023, the minimum wage will be PLN 3,490 gross, followed by a second increase to PLN 3,600 gross at the beginning of July. The minimum hourly rate will increase accordingly, from 1 January it will be PLN 22.80 gross and from

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12 January 2023

Upcoming changes in labour law

Remote work and sobriety control The government’s bill to amend the Act – Labor Code and certain other acts concerning remote working and sobriety control is already in the lower chamber of the Polish Parliament – the Sejm. The draft predicts the complete removal of regulations on telework and its’ replacement by new regulations on

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28 November 2022

Changes in the employment of Russian citizens

The rules regarding the legalisation of employment of citizens of the Russian Federation in Poland have changed. As a result of the entry into force of the Ordinance of the Minister of Family and Social Policy, from 28 October 2022, it is no longer possible to submit applications to obtain declarations in order to start

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15 November 2022

Remote work does not exclude the creation of a permanent establishment for tax purposes on the territory of Poland

Nowadays, a flexible approach on working policies became one of the leading global trends on the job market. A growing number of employers have adopted the formula of remote work, more commonly referred to as: “home office”. This formula is also immensely popular among companies which recruit their employees abroad. Other than the technical and

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30 September 2022

Easier procedure for Belarusian citizens to obtain a temporary residence permit and new rules on the Card of Pole

Easier procedure for Belarusian citizens to obtain a temporary residence permit As of 9 July 2022, a regulation is in force that introduces an easier procedure for Belarusian citizens to obtain a temporary residence permit. It aims to help Belarusian citizens affected by various types of repression in their country. New type of temporary residence

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14 September 2022

Planned amendments on the full electronicisation of proceedings related to obtaining work permits for foreigners

A draft law on the employment of foreigners has appeared on the website of the Governmental Legislation Centre, which aims to streamline procedures for entrusting work to foreigners in Poland, reduce the backlog of cases being handled by offices, as well as the full electronicisation of proceedings. The leading change is the electronicisation of proceedings

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5 September 2022

Investing in Poland 2022: free e-book on tax and legal regulations

Each year getsix® publishes a brochure compiling current tax and legal issues. We cover the most important changes and topics that shape the immediate business environment and have a direct impact on starting and running a business in Poland. The easy-to-read e-book format systematises and facilitates the access to strategic information from the enterprise’s standpoint.

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3 August 2022

Employment of Ukrainian citizens in Poland

In the logstep of the war in Ukraine, special provisions have been introduced to facilitate legal residence and work in Poland for the citizens of that country. Below, we present you with a summary of the most important information regarding the employment of Ukrainian citizens. Legal employment 1. A citizen of Ukraine may legally work

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30 May 2022

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