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Bahamas, Belize, Seychelles and Turks and Caicos Islands removed from EU list of tax non-cooperative jurisdictions

In February 2024, the Council of the European Union decided to remove the Bahamas, Belize, Seychelles, and Turks and Caicos Islands from the list of EU jurisdictions reluctant to cooperate for tax purposes. As a result of these changes, there are still 12 jurisdictions remaining on the list which are considered reluctant to cooperate in

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8 April 2024

Increased controls in the area of transfer pricing

The Ministry of Finance has announced that tax authorities are going to increase controls in the area of transfer pricing. Data shows that in the first nine months of 2023, tax authorities conducted over 12,800 tax and over 7,000 combined customs and tax audits. In the face of globalization and increased trade among companies belonging

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11 March 2024

Protective opinion regarding the restructuring and transformation of a limited partnership into a limited liability company, as well as its taxation under Estonian CIT approach

On January 22, 2024, a statement was issued regarding the release by the Head of the National Tax Administration (KAS) of a protective opinion dated November 29, 2023, concerning the process of a partner withdrawing from a limited partnership and transforming it into a limited liability company, opting for taxation under the flat-rate income tax

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20 February 2024

Individual tax micro-account – What to know in 2024

What is an individual tax micro-account? An individual tax micro-account serves as an individualized platform designed for making tax payments. Introduced on 1 January 2020, it was designed to streamline and simplify the process of tax payments. This system allows both taxpayers and employer-payors to make payments to the tax office in a more organized

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4 January 2024

Penalties for failure to comply with transfer pricing obligations

We would like to remind you about the obligation to submit transfer pricing information for the year 2022. The deadline for submitting information for entities whose tax year coincides with the calendar year is January 31, 2024. For other taxpayers, the statutory deadline is the end of the 11th month after the end of the

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2 January 2024

New draft regulation for the individual tax micro-account

On November 14, 2023, the Ministry of Finance has published a draft regulation on its website, that expands the catalogue of types of receivables that can be paid via tax micro-accounting. According to the information provided by the Ministry of Finance, the draft was prepared to update the list of payments. The draft is currently

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5 December 2023

Minimum income tax from 1 January 2024

From 1 January 2024, minimum rules for corporate income tax will come into force in accordance with Article 24ca of the CIT Act. This tax is intended to tighten the tax system and minimise the tendency to shift income from Polish companies to jurisdictions with a favourable tax regime. The purpose of the minimum tax

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24 November 2023

Foreign controlled entities (CFCs) – tax on pass-through income

Pass-through income is defined as a specific type of tax-deductible expenses incurred by a taxpayer to a non-resident related party during the tax year. Taxes on pass-through income at a rate of 19% on the taxable base must be paid by taxpayers provided several conditions are met. I. The taxpayer must make payments of receivables

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12 July 2023

New deadlines in transfer pricing

In view of the approaching deadlines for the fulfilment of documentation and information obligations in transfer pricing, we would like to remind you that with regard to the fulfilment of transfer pricing obligations for 2022, there is a fundamental change in the deadlines in relation to previous years (previously extended through the so-called Covidien provisions

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3 July 2023

State of epidemic emergency cancellation and MDR deadlines

We would like to inform you that as of 1st of July 2023, the state of epidemic emergency related to SARS-CoV-2 virus infections on the territory of the Republic of Poland will be lifted. We point out that the revocation of the epidemic emergency has important implications on the ground of reporting national tax schemes

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26 June 2023

Extension of deadlines for filing CIT returns for 2022

We would like to inform you that on 21 March 2023, a regulation was published in the Journal of Laws 2023, item 530 extending the deadlines for filing corporate income tax returns for the tax year that ended between 1 December 2022 and 28 February 2023. The extended deadline also applies to the payment of

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3 April 2023

Estonian CIT – current legal status 2023

Estonian CIT is referred in the law as a lump sum on income of capital companies. It is a modern way of taxation that promotes investments and minimizes formalities when settling taxes for capital companies and partnerships. This solution is addressed to: micro, small and medium-sized capital companies and partnerships (limited and limited joint-stock partnership)

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1 April 2023

Extended deadline for filing ORD-U information

Please be advised that, based on the Ordinance of the Minister of Finance dated 16 February 2023 amending the Ordinance of the Minister of Finance of 24 December 2002 on tax information, the deadline for filing the Information on Agreements concluded with non-residents (ORD-U) will be extended. According to the adopted regulation, the ORD-U Information

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16 March 2023

Deadline for submission of information by real estate companies and their partners

We would like to remind you of the upcoming deadline for the obligation to submit certain information regarding real estate companies for 2022 to the competent tax authorities (for most taxpayers, the deadline is 31 March 2023). The entities obliged to submit the information are real estate companies and PIT/CIT taxpayers who hold (directly or

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7 March 2023

Changes regarding the reporting of applicable payment terms for 2022

In connection with the amendment of the Act on Prevention of Excessive payment Delays in Commercial Transactions (as per Journal of Laws of 2022, item 893, as amended), which took place at the end of 2022, we would like to draw your attention to the changes in the provisions regarding the obligation to submit a

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24 January 2023

Investing in Poland 2022: free e-book on tax and legal regulations

Each year getsix® publishes a brochure compiling current tax and legal issues. We cover the most important changes and topics that shape the immediate business environment and have a direct impact on starting and running a business in Poland. The easy-to-read e-book format systematises and facilitates the access to strategic information from the enterprise’s standpoint.

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3 August 2022

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