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HLB Group highly ranked among auditors of listed companies

We would like to announce the results of the “Parkiet” ranking of auditors of listed companies, in which HLB Poland achieved a high position, confirming its quality and professionalism. “Parkiet” ranking of auditors of listed companies The ranking can be accessed via this link: Ranking of auditors of listed companies Why HLB? HLB Poland boasts

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15 May 2023

HLB Group once again ranked among 10 largest auditors in Poland

Stable ranking for years despite strong competition We are delighted to announce that HLB Group is once again among the ten largest auditors in Poland, according to the prestigious Rzeczpospolita ranking of auditors published on 28 April 2023. This remarkable achievement is proof of the constant work put in by our team to continuously improve

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11 May 2023

Amendments to the Polish Labour Code

As of 26 April, 2023, the provisions of the Act of 9 March 2023 amending the Labour Code Act and certain other acts come into force, implementing two important EU directives: on transparent and predictable working conditions in the European Union; on work-life balance for parents and caregivers as well as repealing EU Council Directive

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24 April 2023

Piotr Łyskawa to be a Chairman of RO PIBR in Wrocław

On 12 April 2023 the General Assembly of Certified Auditors of the Regional Branch of the Polish Chamber of Certified Auditors (RO PIBR) in Wroclaw elected Piotr Lyskawa, AVANTA Audit partner, to be a Chairman of RO PIBR.

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19 April 2023

Additional two days off for blood donors

We would like to inform you that two days off for blood donors are being permanently introduced into the legal system. This change in the Public Blood Service Act will certainly please donors. According to the new wording of Article 9(1)(1), merited honorary blood donors of both sexes are entitled to time off from work

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17 April 2023

Draft Position on the disclosure of activities to be discontinued or ceased and the disclosure of information on this subject

We would like to inform you that the Accounting Standards Committee has submitted for public discussion a draft Statement of Position on the disclosure of activities to be discontinued or ceased and the disclosure of information on this subject. The draft position relates to the reporting and disclosure in the financial statements of activities to

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4 April 2023

Extension of deadlines for filing CIT returns for 2022

We would like to inform you that on 21 March 2023, a regulation was published in the Journal of Laws 2023, item 530 extending the deadlines for filing corporate income tax returns for the tax year that ended between 1 December 2022 and 28 February 2023. The extended deadline also applies to the payment of

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3 April 2023

New regulations on remote working in Poland

In the Act of 1 December 2022 amending the Labour Code Act and certain other acts (Journal of Laws 2023, item 240), the legislator decided to supplement the Labour Code with regulations on remote working. These provisions enter into force on 7 April 2023. Hereafter we outline the most important remote working regulations that will

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27 March 2023

Changes to employee sobriety tests

We present the most important legal changes regarding employee sobriety checks. Possibility to introduce employee sobriety checks An employer may introduce sobriety checks for employees if it is necessary to ensure: the protection of the life and health of employees or other persons, the protection of property. Sobriety testing An employee sobriety test determines the

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13 March 2023

Deadline for submission of information by real estate companies and their partners

We would like to remind you of the upcoming deadline for the obligation to submit certain information regarding real estate companies for 2022 to the competent tax authorities (for most taxpayers, the deadline is 31 March 2023). The entities obliged to submit the information are real estate companies and PIT/CIT taxpayers who hold (directly or

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7 March 2023

Remote working in the basic model vs. occasional remote working

As of 7 April 2023, an amendment to the Labor Code on occasional remote work comes into force, repealing the existing provisions on telework. Remote working in the basic model vs. occasional working Due to the lack of clarification of these issues in the new regulations, employers will have to decide how to apply occasional

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2 March 2023

Industrial production has reached the bottom

Industrial production grew by 2.6 percent in January, as the Central Statistical Office (GUS) reported. Compared to the previous month, December (1.0 percent), this represents a higher growth rate. However, analysts point out that this accelerated growth was generated only by the energy-producing sectors and mining. By contrast, the manufacturing sector slowed from 3.4 percent

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28 February 2023

Despite a massive decline in demand – housing prices are on the rise

After years of boom in the residential real estate market, housing development companies sold only 40,900 new homes in the country’s seven largest cities last year, according to Poland’s largest real estate portal Otodom. This is the lowest annual figure since 2014 and represents a decline of 35 per cent compared to 2021. At 38

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21 February 2023

Gdansk refinery placed under protection

The Polish government has placed the refinery in Gdansk under the special protection of the state control bodies. The company has been placed on the government’s list of companies of strategic importance. The measure was taken in response to the controversy surrounding the sale of part of the refinery to the Saudi Arabian group Saudi

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13 February 2023

Obligation for a company to file a CbC-P notification or CbC-R report

Country-by-Country report (CBC-R) is a reporting mechanism set out in the Act of 9 March 2017 on the exchange of tax information with other countries. Entities belonging to large multinational groups are obliged to report tax information related to that capital group to the National Tax Administration. In order to determine if there is an

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7 February 2023

Changes in labour law at EU level

Changes in labour law EU legislators are constantly working on bringing the working and pay conditions in the Member States in compliance with each other as much as possible. A directive on gender balance on company boards was published in December 2022. In addition, further work is underway on a proposal to close the gender

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1 February 2023

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