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Changes to the deduction for the Company Social Benefits Fund

The 2024 budget law does not introduce any specific provisions regarding the calculation of the basic deduction for the Company Social Benefits Fund (CSBF). Therefore, general rules will apply, i.e. the amount of the deduction will depend on the average monthly salary, with the term “average salary” referring to the average monthly salary in the

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22 February 2024

Amendment of the Law on the Protection of Minors – new obligations for employers

On Thursday, February 15, 2024, the provisions of the amended Act on Combating Sexual Offences and Protecting Minors will come into force. The new wording of the act and the scope of the applied regulations will concern specific measures for the protection of minors. Before entering into any employment with an individual or before allowing

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12 February 2024

Changes in Polish labour law 2024

Minimum wage The minimum wage will increase twice in 2024. From 1 January 2024, the minimum wage will be PLN 4,242 gross followed by a second increase to PLN 4,300 gross at the beginning of July. The minimum hourly rate will increase accordingly, from 1st of January it will be PLN 27.70 gross and from

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10 January 2024

Position of the State Labour Inspectorate on the New Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

In the provisions of the regulations of the Minister of Family and Social Policy of 18 October 2023, amending the regulation on occupational safety and health at workstations equipped with screen monitors, specific provisions regarding the financing of corrective glasses or contact lenses for employees were not included. In addition, the aforementioned provisions in this

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18 December 2023

Withholding a PESEL number

Since 17 November, Polish citizens have the possibility to withhold their PESEL number in the national register. This is intended to prevent the unauthorised use of personal data when taking out loans and to prevent various forms of crime and fraud. Currently, the PESEL number can be secured via the platform, in the mObywatel

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20 November 2023

New amount of subsidy for employee meals

From September 1, 2023, an amendment to § 2 para. 1 point 11 of the regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of December 18, 1998, has come into effect, which sets out detailed rules for determining the basis for calculating contributions to pension and disability insurance. The current regulation is as follows:

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2 November 2023

Overtime compensation for part-time employees

On October 19, 2023, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled in Case C-660/20, Lufthansa CityLine, that an employer cannot compensate part-time employees for overtime to the same extend as full-time employees. Currently, part-time employees in general receive overtime pay only after working eight hours. The CJEU’s ruling obliges employers to pay overtime

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27 October 2023

Day off for a holiday falling on a Saturday in 2023

In general, holidays are non-working days. If a holiday falls on a Sunday, the employer is not obliged to ‘compensate’ employees with a day off. However, if a holiday falls on a Saturday, a day off from work has to be granted to employees within the current settlement period. Currently, there are 13 public holidays

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23 October 2023

Remote work in EU Countries – new position of Polish Social Insurance Institution

In the recent months, employers and employees have faced difficulties in obtaining the A1 certificate when applying for remote work outside of Poland. The position of the Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) was ambiguous, and the practice of individual departments varied significantly. This was due to the lack of regulations that would allow for the

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29 September 2023

Social security and remote work from abroad

On 1st of July 2023 the Polish Social Insurance Institution joined the Framework Agreement on the application of Article 16(1) of Regulation (EC) No 883/2004 in cases of ordinary cross-border telework. The main change from the perspective of the practice of labour law in Poland is the possibility to determine the legislation applicable to the

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8 August 2023

Changes in the legalisation of residence and work of foreigners in Poland

We present the key issues concerning modifications in the employment of foreigners and the extension of the legal stay of Ukrainian citizens in Poland. The amendment of the Acts and the planned changes aim to adapt the Polish system to the standards in force in the European Union. Please note that some of these changes

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23 June 2023

Amendments to the Polish Labour Code

As of 26 April, 2023, the provisions of the Act of 9 March 2023 amending the Labour Code Act and certain other acts come into force, implementing two important EU directives: on transparent and predictable working conditions in the European Union; on work-life balance for parents and caregivers as well as repealing EU Council Directive

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24 April 2023

Additional two days off for blood donors

We would like to inform you that two days off for blood donors are being permanently introduced into the legal system. This change in the Public Blood Service Act will certainly please donors. According to the new wording of Article 9(1)(1), merited honorary blood donors of both sexes are entitled to time off from work

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17 April 2023

New regulations on remote working in Poland

In the Act of 1 December 2022 amending the Labour Code Act and certain other acts (Journal of Laws 2023, item 240), the legislator decided to supplement the Labour Code with regulations on remote working. These provisions enter into force on 7 April 2023. Hereafter we outline the most important remote working regulations that will

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27 March 2023

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