Tax Benefits for Aid to Ukraine

Engaging in aid to Ukraine may benefit from several existing and newly introduced tax benefits. Although some regulations came into force in the middle of March – they are effective retroactively, i.e. from February 24, 2022…

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26 April 2022

One Stop Shop (OSS) system and changes to VAT

Until now, all e-commerce companies from the EU that sell goods to other EU countries, after exceeding a certain sales threshold (depending on the country the threshold ranges from 35,000.00 EUR to 100,000.00 EUR) were obliged to register…

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7 July 2021

amavat | Features

Should you expand your business within Europe – 3 reasons why. There are limited growth opportunities in each market place so you might be wondering how can you scale your business even more…

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6 August 2019

amavat | VAT Focus

EU eCommerce from a VAT perspective. Online sellers have a great opportunity expanding their eCommerce into…

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25 July 2019

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