2024 | HLB Poland

Binding rate information applications only by electronic means

As of the beginning of 2024, the Polish tax system has undergone a significant change in the process of submitting applications for binding rate information (WIS). The new regulation requires that these applications are submitted exclusively electronically, eliminating traditional paper-based forms. Binding rate information is a key element in the relationship between taxpayers and tax

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27 February 2024

Changes to the deduction for the Company Social Benefits Fund

The 2024 budget law does not introduce any specific provisions regarding the calculation of the basic deduction for the Company Social Benefits Fund (CSBF). Therefore, general rules will apply, i.e. the amount of the deduction will depend on the average monthly salary, with the term “average salary” referring to the average monthly salary in the

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22 February 2024

Protective opinion regarding the restructuring and transformation of a limited partnership into a limited liability company, as well as its taxation under Estonian CIT approach

On January 22, 2024, a statement was issued regarding the release by the Head of the National Tax Administration (KAS) of a protective opinion dated November 29, 2023, concerning the process of a partner withdrawing from a limited partnership and transforming it into a limited liability company, opting for taxation under the flat-rate income tax

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20 February 2024

Taxation of withdrawals from the Employee Capital Plans (PPK)

On January 18th, 2024, the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) issued a landmark ruling (case number II FSK 435/21) on the principles of taxation of withdrawals from Employee Capital Plans (PPK). Dispute over interpretation The dispute arose from an interpretation request submitted by an investment fund planning to enter into PPK management and administration agreements with

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15 February 2024

Amendment of the Law on the Protection of Minors – new obligations for employers

On Thursday, February 15, 2024, the provisions of the amended Act on Combating Sexual Offences and Protecting Minors will come into force. The new wording of the act and the scope of the applied regulations will concern specific measures for the protection of minors. Before entering into any employment with an individual or before allowing

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12 February 2024

National Bank of Poland interest rates in February 2024

During the meeting on February 6th – 7th the Monetary Policy Council decided to keep the interest rates unchanged. The decision is in line with the economists’ and the market’s expectations. Current NBP (National Bank of Poland) interest rates: reference rate at 5.75% on an annual basis Lombard rate at 6.25% on an annual basis

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9 February 2024

“Your e-PIT” service also for entrepreneurs

The “Your e-PIT” service is one of the most popular e-services in public administration. Last year, taxpayers submitted as many as 11.9 million tax declarations using this service. As of February 15, 2024, entrepreneurs will also be able to settle their business activities through the “Your e-PIT” service. This is a novelty that will make

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7 February 2024

Million-Euro investment by foreign companies in the port of Szczecin

The Management Board of the Maritime Ports of Szczecin and Świnoujście SA and the Spanish company Windar Renovables have signed a lease agreement for port areas in Szczecin. The agreement was signed several months after concluding the preliminary agreement in October last year. Under the lease agreement for port areas in Szczecin, Windar Renovables will

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5 February 2024

New draft law on protection of Whistleblowers

On 11 January 2024, a new draft law appeared on the website of the Governmental Legislation Centre, incorporating changes introduced by the new Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy. Legislative work on the draft law on Whistleblowers started at government level back in 2021. The draft law aims to implement Directive 2019/1937 of the

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2 February 2024

New Central Statistical Office (GUS) data on foreign trade

New data on exports and imports for the period from January to November 2023 have been published on the website of the Polish Central Statistical Office. From January to September 2023, merchandise turnover in foreign trade reached PLN 1,204.2 billion in exports and PLN 1,160.5 billion in imports in current prices. The positive balance amounted

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23 January 2024

Implementation of the National e-Invoicing System postponed

We would like to inform you about an important change regarding the implementation of the National e-Invoicing System (KSeF). The obligation to issue invoices through the National e-Invoicing System will not be enforced in 2024. The Ministry of Finance has announced the postponement of the mandatory use of KSeF due to errors found in the

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19 January 2024

Deadlines for implementing the e-delivery service in Poland

Electronic delivery (‘e-delivery’) is a solution that allows correspondence to be sent and received electronically, ensuring equivalent legal effects to sending a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. The e-delivery service was introduced by the Act of 18 November 2020 on electronic deliveries, but its implementation has been repeatedly postponed. In the Announcement of the

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18 January 2024

KSeF and invoices for foreign entities, as well as invoices in foreign currency

Starting from July 2024 for active taxpayers, and from January 2025 for all Polish entrepreneurs, the use of the National e-Invoicing System (KSeF) will be mandatory. This will affect the documentation process for transactions with both domestic and foreign contractors. Due to the complexity of invoicing for entities from outside Poland and invoicing in currencies

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15 January 2024

National Bank of Poland interest rates in January 2024

The first interest rate decision of the year was made on 8-9 January at the Monetary Policy Council meeting. Interest rates have remained at the same level since November 2023. Current NBP (National Bank of Poland) interest rates: reference rate at 5.75% on an annual basis lombard rate at 6.25% on an annual basis deposit

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12 January 2024

Changes in Polish labour law 2024

Minimum wage The minimum wage will increase twice in 2024. From 1 January 2024, the minimum wage will be PLN 4,242 gross followed by a second increase to PLN 4,300 gross at the beginning of July. The minimum hourly rate will increase accordingly, from 1st of January it will be PLN 27.70 gross and from

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10 January 2024

Individual tax micro-account – What to know in 2024

What is an individual tax micro-account? An individual tax micro-account serves as an individualized platform designed for making tax payments. Introduced on 1 January 2020, it was designed to streamline and simplify the process of tax payments. This system allows both taxpayers and employer-payors to make payments to the tax office in a more organized

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4 January 2024

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