When can a general partner deduct limited partnership tax (CIT) from PIT?

From 1 January 2021 Polish limited partnerships are obliged to settle CIT. For owners of such companies it means double settlement of income tax: first they will pay CIT of the company, and then PIT on settling their own income. Despite the fact that for general partners the legislator provided an appropriate tax relief –

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8 September 2021

Extension of the rules for entry into Poland from abroad

The government has decided to extend the restrictions on foreigners entering Poland. Originally the restrictions were to be in force until the end of the summer vacations, but the latest amendment to the Regulation extended them by another month – until September 30, 2021. Below we remind you of the current rules. I. Schengen Area

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3 September 2021

How to settle the tax on gifts for employees given on special occasions?

Giving small gifts to employees on special occasions is now a standard practice in many companies. Employers more and more often give gifts to their employees on the occasion of their birthday, name day, wedding or birth of a child. Should such a gift be included in the employee’s income and should an appropriate advance

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16 August 2021

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